Healing on the streets in Truro started in 2012 and was sponsored by Churches Together in Truro and is accountable to them. A team of people from various churches around Truro meet every Saturday in Pydar Street outside WH Smith and the Library between 11.30am and 1.30pm and offer to pray with people. The most important thing is to convey to people that God loves them. We will pray for physical healing and have seen many answers to prayer. Although not everyone is healed, many feel that God touches them in a special way. You might like to read the article “Hope or Certainty” on this site.

We would encourage you to go to a local church and if you would like a team member to go with you to visit a church we’d be delighted to do so. Here is a list of local churches that either Truro HOTS team members belong to or which actively support Truro HOTS. There’s also an excellent Church Directory with links to all denominations on the website www.kingdomvision.co.uk.


To discover more about the Healing on the Streets initiative please visit the website www.healingonthestreets.com.